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Crisis communications and beyond….

How should you respond during the COVID-19 crisis and how can you remain relevant during this period of uncertainty?

The challenges brought by COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to have a voice in this swirl of outbound information. The situation is consistently evolving and its effects on the economy are already being felt across various sectors.

We’re currently being asked by clients what they can do to communicate effectively during this period. They know that the worst thing to do is to go quiet. It fuels uncertainty, puts clients at unease and runs the risk of losing your footing in the marketplace.

We understand that clients don’t want to be seen as profiteering from the situation but it is equally important to promote where you can help. Moreover, for those weathering the storm, it’s about understanding what the new ‘business as usual’ is and how this can be succinctly shared with clients and prospects.

As a business, you might find that there are innovative opportunities available for potential clients that will deliver solutions in this changing environment that you want to share. Or you might simply want to continue to serve up content to keep your audience informed and connected.

In this confusing period, we are helping clients work through what information they are well placed to be putting out to clients and potential new customers and what media they should be utilising – for example, social media platforms such as LinkedIn. We’re currently writing scripts for videos and helping pull together webinar and podcast content as we see an exponential rise in remote working.

We are also providing straight forward crisis communications advice, writing statements for how best to communicate with stakeholders, delivering crisis communications training, as well as drafting procedures and processes that can be used as a blueprint for further impacts felt as businesses ride this storm.

If you are seeking support then please contact us – we’re here to help.

For any businesses feeling financially challenged, we will also be offering some pro-bono advice to those in greatest need.

We’re in this together.