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Why SOME newsletters fail…

With the development of technology, it has never been easier for companies to create newsletters to update their clients and prospects.

However, many of them fail to engage with the reader. Why?

The amazing technology doesn’t suddenly mean people care about what you say. A lot of newsletters flop, whether the creators are willing to admit it or not.

Here are the main reasons why your newsletter isn’t packing a punch.

#2 The content isn’t speaking to your audience

This problem isn’t exclusive to email marketing; everything you say has to be relevant and have a purpose. The main reason people sign up for a newsletter is for information that will help them succeed in their work or personal life, promotion mainly falls on deaf ears.

It’s all about understanding your audience and their needs; delivering valuable content to build relationships and create a slick user experience.

#2 It’s all about timing and keeping your promises!

Too often and you’ll get annoying, not often enough and people forget who you are. A tough balancing act but you need to get it right.

Every business is different and there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Some companies have enough relevant content to send emails out every day but some should limit themselves to one a month. You should never be ‘scraping the barrel’ for content and having a strict schedule is key to creating habitual readers.

If you promise weekly emails at the sign-up stage – you’d better deliver.

#3 GDPR – make sure your audience wants to receive the content

Segmentation and targeting are essential to achieving a high subscriber rate. Having clients and prospects give you exclusive permission to contact them about specific topics is a privilege, not a right.

Content relevance and permissions are often seen as the top reason newsletters succeed and the top reason they fail.

Also, if you email your contacts without double opt-in permissions from May 2018, you’ll be facing a hefty fine. Get this right now and turn it into an opportunity before the carnage begins.